Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic Elevators-Indoor-Outdoor Lifts Manufacturer in Hyderabad

Our Hydraulic elevators are used extensively in buildings up to four storeys high, and are better known as Home Elevators as most of our clients are either real estate firms integrating our elevators into their villas and bungalows, or existing villa owners who want to add the elevators into their existing homes to aid the elderly and children.

Our elevators do not need much space to install, neither do they need a motor room on top of the building, or even a huge pit at the bottom… and consume 50% less electricity than conventional elevators. You could even mix and match many designs of the cab to match your existing decor – all perfect for a home.

No space inside your villas or bungalow? Do not fret, we can even install our elevators outside, with either a glass or steel casing to enhance the look.

Benefits of using Hydraulic Elevators:

  • Home lifts for elderly and children: Our elevators are perfect for young children and the elderly as they are particularly vulnerable to tripping over the stairs. No more accidents and broken bones.
  • For people with special needs: Most homes and commercial places are not designed for either physically challenged persons or wheel-chair bound persons. Our elevators empower them with instant mobility and access to all floors.
  • Save on indoor space: In unplanned buildings or homes, our elevators can be installed outside your homes. Not only does this save noticeable space in your home, but it can also provide a more convenient entry point to your home while still being safe from external disturbances. What’s more, there’s no major breakage or masonry work involved.

 Enhance your Interior design: Modern domestic lifts only require a small portion of your floor area to land on. Not to mention they can act as personal design artifacts if you choose to order a custom-made unit for your living area and can easily become the center-piece of your interior design, and are carefully planned so as to not disturb the aesthetics of the existing buildings.

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