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Tobacco Equipments

Tobacco Equipments, Tobacco Equipment Manufacturers

Our company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of tobacco equipments in India. Tobacco equipments are machines used for processing tobacco in various tobacco industries. These equipments are manufactured using high grade raw materials. Our tobacco equipments mainly include tobacco crusher, tobacco drier, conditioning machine and tobacco processing machines. The cutter machine first cuts the raw tobacco into small pieces and slices as per the required sizes. Tobacco pressing equipments and crushing machines are offered by us efficiently crushes the material in different quantities.

The tobacco materials are fed into the driers with the help of a suitable conveying system in drying machines, it also consists of a steam heater for heating the materials. Processing of the material is taken care after moist less tobacco is obtained. User can choose different tobacco equipments according to different requirements about the final products, capacity and productivity and we can also design and make you the best suitable tobacco equipments according to your special requirements.

Tobacco Equipments, Tobacco Equipment Manufacturers

Features of Tobacco Equipments:

  • Single pressing.
  • Measurement of tobacco weight on charger: precision +/- 1 kg.
  • Automatic charger insertion in carton.
  • Carton box, wooden box, zipper bags and bales packing
  • Total automation with programmable logic control unit
  • Packing line complete with electronic scale of final weight check, hold-down/sample press, hold-down tunnel and automatic strapper
  • Standard packing to suit specific customer requirements
  • Low maintenance operation cost