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Automatic Cotton Baling Press

Automatic Cotton Baling Press, Fully Automatic Cotton Baling Press

Our company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Automatic cotton baling press in India. Cotton baling press is widely used for compressing cotton and cotton wastes. We manufacture this automatic cotton baling press using high grade materials and make them completely automatic for easy processing and production. Our range of Automatic cotton baling press is available for both medium and huge capacities of cotton, based on the requirements of our clients.

The Automatic cotton baling press machines offered by us are hydraulic in nature with automatic bale ejection system. This cotton baling press machines can be easily mounted on floors and are equipped with programmable logic controller, double acting hydraulic cylinders and rams, lint pusher. The valves of hydraulic system in our automatic cotton baling press are efficient and interchangeable for larger baling capacity. The medium for this hydraulic baling press is oil; hence it is highly economical and reduces the wear and tear of the system.

The fabrication of this Automatic cotton baling press is done using stainless steel metals, the frames of this machine is highly durable and long lasting. The parts of automatic cotton baling press machines are built based on the industrial standards and can be easily interchanged. Our automatic cotton baling press is easy to install, maintain and consumes less power, hence highly advantageous for compressing different types of cotton. We ensure smooth and efficient performance cotton bale press machines at consistently lower cost per ton than any other competitors.

Automatic Cotton Baling Press, Fully Automatic Cotton Baling Press

Specifications of Automatic Cotton Baling Press:

  • High production capacity: 30-35 bales per hour.
  • Medium production capacity: 15-18 bales per hour.
  • Bale weight: 90, 130, 160 kgs.
  • Main pressing power: 50-75 HP.
  • Power for tamper press: 20-30HP.

Features of our Automatic Cotton Baling Press:

  • Easy maintenance and low power consumption.
  • Use of auto hydraulic tampers avoids contamination.
  • Low cost due to hydraulic oil medium.
  • Less man power requirements.
  • Ensures high working safety.